Monday, March 1, 2010

it's all about winning

Alberto Gilardino

Fiorentina 1 AC Milan 2

'He wasn't successful at the club'. Debatable, but the fact that isn't is he was at the club and was treated fairly. Yet, his celebrations bring a sense of ingratitude towards the club that made him an international figure. I have always liked and supported Gila, but after this game, I have begun to think otherwise.

We suffered in the game. Fiorentina were more organized, committed and hungrier for the result. So maybe the win wasn't a fair one. But since we won, I don't really care. Winning matters, at the end of the day, only winning matters. 3 points on the table can't be substituted for anything else really. Can it?

Vargas and co. were running into and around the visitors. Abbiati was having one of those tough nights, as he was asked to pull out a save in mid air to deny Vargas. Both clubs were going close with their shots, with keepers at either end palming the ball away from kissing the net. Borriello and Pato would have hoped to have been more clinical, as they scuffed some good chances. Barcelona boy Keirrison almost made the most of Jankulovski's error but yet again, Abbiati had to come to the rescue. Huntelaar was Leo's last throw of the dice, and how uncharacteristic of the new MVB to score. Stunning finish at near post as Frey was sent in the wrong way. Wonderful one-two with Ronaldinho before the goal was scored. Keirrison was denied by Abbiati from close range and Vargas got Abbiati into an athletic mood. 92nd minute and Pato scores the winner! Undeserved as it might be, it would have left the Viola frustrated after having put in a top performance. Getting lucky is part and parcel of being a winning team.

The string of wins puts more pressure on Inter, who are surely looking over their shoulder. Milan are putting in a set of impressive results even if the output on the given day isn't up to the mark. While playing well is very important, winning is top priority. It's time we started discarding class and begin being brutal in our game. Not hinting at opening up the Calciopoli books again, no, but requesting a change in mindset and effort. Win, just win.

Fiorentina - Gilardino 14'
Milan - Huntelaar 81', Pato 92'

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