Saturday, February 27, 2010

abbiati to the rescue

Christian Abbiati

Bari 0 AC Milan 2

Headlines always tend to glorify a certain magician from Brazil. But the man who minds the net and supports fascism is often overlooked. Even if he provides the team with greater stability when compared to an aged ogre who is paid millions for letting in goals. Christian Abbiati is one of the most under-rated keepers in European football. He is no Buffon, but reliability is something he offers.

Bari came to defend, and use set pieces to cause us worry. If not for Abbiati, this game would have ended in a draw. He denied Barreto twice, from a free kick and a penalty. Our finishing up front has been dismal all season and there are no signs of that changing. To be solid at the back is therefore the only other option. Nesta and Silva have their days, but seeing Abbiati behind them makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Both our finishes during this game were exquisite. We created a lot of chances and took only two of the several chances. But we stayed firm at the back, and many a time that is what counts. Ronaldinho continued his fine form. Borriello got acrobatic and was successful yet again. Pato has found his scoring boots. All this is most certainly promising. Bonera is a misfit at left back and as we had seen midweek, wouldn't suit at centre back either. He should head the exodus with Kaladze in the summer. Fiorentina needed us to be lucky. This game required us to be professional. Bari had taken points of the big boys in their previous outings. But we didn't let them get away with it this time. Inter have gone through a bit of a blip. Looking at the table now, this is going to be a title race to remember.

Bari - /
Milan - Borriello 43', Pato 69'

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