Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wayne Rooney

AC Milan 2 Manchester United 3

Many have often wondered, who is the best player in the world? Many have said its Messi, others believe its Ronaldo. I think its Wayne Rooney. An unconventional choice. Yes. With good reason, may I add. He has been in electrifying form this season. Predictions said that United will collapse with the departures of Ronaldo and Tevez. Rooney had to step up, and boy has he!

If we were going to get anything out of this game, we had to stop this industrious monster. Question was, with the creaky defense, would we? The writing was on the wall. We couldn't. Ronaldinho got lucky with the opener, and so did Scholes with the equalizer. We dominated the first half, but Huntelaar and Pato's finishing had gone on their honeymoons. Ronaldinho continued to demonstrate a threat from his shooting, while all other opportunities simply went by without causing a crease on the wrinkled face of Ferguson. However, in the second half, United came out the stronger side. Scoring the goal against the run of play, Milan's confidence got deflated and the third was a sucker punch. Valencia and Nani were running circles around our wing backs, and the crossing was therefore top notch, resulting in the uncharacteristic headers from the Englishman. Seedrof however scored with a peach of a finish. Bonera's incompetency to handle crosses has been amplified with Rooney's first as the Italian was coolly brushed aside before the looping header gave United the lead. On the second, Rooney's sheer brute force ripped the defense apart. Nesta and company were made to look like clowns on the football pitch. Such has been the case when we have played against a top top side. Yet, we go into the market and bring in two wingers in the winter. Some team management this is.

Will we turn this tie around? Flatly, no. Logic says this isn't possible. United are a winning machine. History has it, that they don't need to play well to win. We can't grind results out. Going to Old Trafford and turning in a performance to walk away with a 2-0 is asking for the stars, especially with Rooney hoping to add to his tally. If you are a Milan fan, redirect your attention to the Scudetto race, as the Champions League is only going to be another high profile outing. But dare I say, miracles do happen.

AC Milan - Ronaldinho 3', Seedorf 85'
Manchester United - Scholes 37', Rooney 66', 74'

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