Thursday, February 25, 2010

fair play di natale

Antonio Di Natale

AC Milan 3 Udinese 2

Apologies. Sincere apologies for having taken so much time to have resumed blogging. I moved continents and now am in Australia. So the shift has been a bit difficult. And for all practical purposes, I haven't had an Internet connection. But hopefully, now things should stabilize. 4 games need to be updated. They will be.

This was the last game that I watched in India before leaving to Australia. And watching Huntelaar score delighted me. Poachers have become a rarity in the game, and to see one at the age of 26 gives me some hope. Silva and Mancini made their way to the exit after injuring themselves. This caused some reason for concern. However, Ronaldinho opened up play once again as he set up Pato for the second. We managed to get some breathing space, but we were terrifically uncertain at the back. Dida was his clumsy self, and was constantly gifting the opposition with goal scoring opportunities. Flores has Dida to thank, as the Brazilian clowned around with a simple save. The second half had Udinese starting on a strong note. However, a certain Dutchman had his own ideas of dampening the resurgent Zebrette spirit, as he took his second with great aplomb. There was a dip in character from Udinese after conceding the third but Di Natale was having none of it. Udinese were crossing very well and Sanchez was giving our full-backs hell. Our passing in the final third was slack. Pato decided to switch off and that reflected in his careless passing of the ball. Beckham then gave Pato some company as his pass to Di Natale almost resulted in a goal. Favalli for all his experience, played Di Natale onside, and the Italian finished beautifully, giving his side a glimmer of hope. Beckham put in one of the worst performances in a Milan shirt that afternoon.

Di Natale was splendid. His runs, his movement, and also his extremely well taken goal. He commended Nesta when the latter put in a perfect tackle. He didn't go down in the box, under Dida's challenge, which could have resulted in a penalty and with Dida being sent off. This at a point, when there was plenty of time left on the clock and Udinese could have staged a comeback. But the veteran striker put in a very professional performance and needs to be congratulated on doing so. Something the media very casually overlooks.

AC Milan - Huntelaar 7', 57', Pato 39'
Udinese - Flora Flores 45', Di Natale 86'

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