Sunday, February 7, 2010


Daniele Bonera

Bologna 0 AC Milan 0

If you expect me to go lambasting Milan for this result, then you better stop reading right now. I have learned my lessons and chastising this club for poor performances consistently isn't something I'm going to indulge in. Why? Because it gets repetitive and boring. We aren't contending for any titles this season, so being pretenders, we will blow hot and cold throughou. Facts speak for themselves.

Mancini had trained very well and was given a chance from the start. Bonera, was deputising for Nesta. Finally, after much soul searching, we have found our man. The only question is will he stay fit. As a classic 'big team-small team' struggle, this game too was one sided in possession and chances. Our defense was unmoved by any threat that Bologna threw at us, much so I don't think I have seen a stronger display by the rear guard anytime before this season. All the moves the opponents started were nipped at the bud. Chances were being created, but execution was painfully poor. Can't blame Borriello, as he gave his all, and was orchestrating the moves up ahead. Ronaldinho was on hibernation mode for most of the game, save a few brilliant passes. Mancini decided to keep his game at a low profile. Seedorf turned in one of the classic anonymous performances. Ambrosini continued his fine form. But our best player was, wait for it, Andrea Pirlo. He was all over the place, challenging, creating, shooting. This is the Pirlo who is acclaimed world over as one of the finest on the planet. If only we could get to see more of the same.

Roma moved ahead of us into 2nd place with a lucky win over Fiorentina, Inter decimated Cagliari and Juventus are giving us competition on who will hit mid table quicker. Going by our potency and our lack of grit against the weaker sides, I don't think Juve will have it easy in their pacy slide. Leonardo's chocolate box image is still to turn sour. Will he, only time will tell. But lets give him time. Its not like we are in a hurry to win a trophy. We never have been.

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