Thursday, March 11, 2010

david's homecoming

David Beckham

Manchester United 4 AC Milan 0

My last post was titled 'give me more'. If you read it, you would have understood that I was asking for more effort, more goals, more of a favorable result. AC Milan then go on to give me the exact opposite. It's becoming a trend now. Moments before kick off, the tifosi received news that Pato, Antonini and Nesta were sidelines due to injury. I am sure many would have switched off their TV sets and headed to bed right away. A funeral was on it's way. United were going to 'celebrate' it in style.

Right from the start, Ferguson used his experience, and attacked a make-shift Milan defense. 3/4 defenders weren't first choice. Ferguson must have told his boys to attack the hags. And so they did, being duly rewarded. We did have our chances initially, both Ronaldinho and Huntelaar making a mess of neatly gifted opportunities. Rooney had to score and he did, inevitably. Bonera was knocked off like a 6 year old as Rooney guided his header past Abbiati. From then on, the blokes from Manchester went on to play one of their best games this season. United defense was sturdy and won all the aerial challenges. Vidic and Ferdinand partnership was impervious at times. After letting in the first goal, the visitors lacked any motivation, imagination or creativity and were performing a formality for the remainder of the game. United were pressing from the front giving the men in black very little time on the ball. The Milan forwards however went on a walk every-time the team lost the ball. 

After the break, Bonera was replaced by Seedorf, and we had Ambrosini pushed back to perform the centre half duties. This was an invitation to open the floodgates and for United to have their own party. The rest as they say is history. In the very first minute, United ripped open the comical line of defense at the back for Rooney's second. Huntelaar then had a chance to put some life into the tie but his shot goes amiss. Park's doesn't. Beckham was then brought on to introduce some nostalgic element. He turns out to be our best performer! His shot from distance should have been a goal, unfortunately it was hit straight at Van Der Sar. One amongst the many realizations that I had was; Ronaldinho is no longer good enough to play at this level. His form in the Serie A is a false alarm. Beckham played like a possessed man, his crosses near deadly. He backtracked, stole the ball, opened up play. But one among the many hags called Inzaghi, who was caught offside 3 times in 15 minutes, couldn't convert a simple tap-in from a Beckham delivery. United clearly were the better team, and thoroughly deserved to progress. This was an extraction of sweet revenge for the happenings of 2007.

I was embarrassed from what I saw. Humiliated by the thrashing received so graciously by a team that I love. I couldn't believe I had set an alarm for this game. Had to swallow lumps of saliva to digest what was happening. Yes, a detailed description of how I felt. I was particularly angered by a few players on the pitch. Borriello - needs to be sold asap. His quality isn't sufficient and is inconsistent for a club of AC Milan's magnitude. He is a big game choker and simply lacks the technical ability or strength to play at this level. Huntelaar should join him on a plane in the summer. I have defended the Dutchman for long, but I have truly run out of excuses. He cuts a sorry figure time and again and it makes perfect sense as to why Madrid sold him. Pirlo needs a successor and quick! He moves slower than a snail, and you could have a crippled man marking him and the lame would still get the better of our 'midfield maestro'. Silva isn't ready and without Nesta seems lost. Abate and Jankulovski need to be relegated to the reserves. Sure the former is hardworking, but running around the park is called running around the park. It's not called football. I wont bother to comment on Bonera. The longer he stays injured, the better it is for the club and the fans. Finally, Leonardo. What he has done with this club is significant. But it is a bit over-rated. Our competitors in the Serie A have had a largely indifferent season. Inter have slipped so many times that I think Mourinho would be pleasantly surprised and possibly amused to find his team leading the pack. But Leonardo is largely unimaginative and isn't the man for the job. I am not judging him based on 90 minutes. But we have succumbed to heavy defeats under him when playing against Europe's elite. He is too attack minded and is a noob when it comes to tactics. Coaches of Fergie's calibre would eat him alive. We need new, young, skilled players. But we also need a man who can take us out of this mess. And his name isn't Leonardo Sacrimento.

United - Rooney 13', 46', Park 60', Fletcher 87'
Milan - /

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