Friday, March 26, 2010

is it over?

Andrea Pirlo

Parma 1 AC Milan 0

Questions need to be asked. Answers need to be demanded. The press in Italy are not too demanding, it seems. But the fans disappoint me further. How can the Rossoneri faithful sit and watch their team lose 5 games in 30? Since 2005, our team has taken a disgraceful dive in form and in stature. Still, the management tends to get away with the same stale excuses. The fans were made to believe in the title, but this result just brings us back to our feet giving us a taste of reality. How good are AC Milan really? AC Milan 0 Manchester United 4, AC Milan 0 Inter Milan 4, AC Milan 2 Manchester United 3 etc. Such periodic alarms are required to tell us that the honeymoon period is just that.

Parma are not a great team. With Dzemailli and Palsochi out, they shouldn't have been too much to deal with. Yet, we blame it on luck when Bojinov scores in the last minute. The fact that Parma rolled over us and barely gave us a sniff at goal is overlooked. Leonardo deserves a bit of stick for this result, but he is labelled a magician for bringing us this far. How about thanking Jose and Juve for giving us the chance to come this far? Leo is barely a tactician. He has been smothered against the big boys. Case example when he faced off with Alex and Jose. Guidolin isn't a poor manager by any stretch of imagination, he has built a formidable side in Parma FC. The Italian truly dabbled with Leo in this game. Pirlo had one of his better outings. He worked hard and if not for the usually wasteful Inzaghi, would've had an assist to his name. Ronaldinho took the day off, so did Marco Borriello. Flamini worked hard but continued shooting everywhere but at the goal. And how would you have guessed, that our usual hero would turn the villain in this game. Abbiati's awful clearance led to the goal, but the forwards shouldn't have let this one goal make such a huge difference.

I think the dream has come to an end. Roma's game at the weekend might spice up the race for the title, but only for those involved in the game. I would love to see Roma win the Scudetto. It would be a wonderful reward for the Roman resurgence. Why not us? Two words; run-in.

Parma - Bojinov 90'
Milan - /

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