Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lucky duck unlucky


AC Milan 3 Atalanta 1

There is probably no questioning the starlet's repertoire. He is a fascinating talent. And one look at his recent record might tell you that he is in some fine goal scoring form. But look deeper, and you will realize that it's primarily because he is riding on luck. He tends to find himself at the right place at the right time. You might argue "hey that's striker intelligence". I'd tell you that this is Alexandre Pato, not Fillipo Inzaghi. I must admit that I am happy to type his name after every game, but the consistency with which he is scoring these scrappy goals irritates me. This because I know he is capable of so much more.

Ronaldinho's overhead kick should have been rewarded with a goal, but his shot lacked placement. Both teams seemed to deploy a counter attacking strategy, the Orobici especially with their speed. Jamie Valdes was always able to get ahead of the defense. Tiribocchi too had his share of chances, but Nesta had a leash on him. No much later, Ronaldinho's backheel was received by Ambrosini, whose deflected cross fell into the path of Pato, who unleashed his volley. He has been scoring with some volleys recently, which is also how Borriello usually finds his name on the score sheet. Pato got lucky once again, with a chip from Ronaldinho being deflected off the striker into the back of the net. 2-0 at half time.

Atalanta did find a way back into the game, after some atrocious defending by Bonera gave Valdes an opportunity to drive one past Abbiati. Bonera redeemed some face after he was brought down in the opposition penalty area. Ronaldinho missed his 3rd penalty of the season, but Borriello pounced on the ball to make it number 9. Official news is that Ronaldinho is being replaced with Pirlo for penalty taking duties. No guarantee with the Italian though. Word. Pato then limped off after pulling a muscle in the 78th minute, and is out of action for 7-10 days. Thankfully, Gattuso got himself booked and wont make the trip to the capital next week.

4 points short of Inter. 4 points clear of Roma. 2nd place seems like a cosy nest at the moment. But pushing higher probably is high on the agenda. With us (practically) crashing out of the Champions League and Inter on their way to the QF, you'd reckon that this race is not over yet. Yes, its not over yet.

AC Milan - Pato 29', 40', Borriello 62'
Atalanta - Valdes 56'


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