Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dominic Adiyah

David Beckham

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Not that the bigwigs at Via Turati are bothered about us having a good start to the year, but season greeting nonetheless. Evidence enough for my claims by the introduction of two wing players. No, these two aren't sidekicks to Barney Stintson, but new average arrivals to the painfully poor squad available to a hapless Leonardo.

We are apparently building a team for the future, and we go ahead and sign a 20 year old, who has tremendous promise, and supposedly achieved at a young age what Aguero, Forlan and Messi have in the past at the U-20 world cup. Which is all good. Then arrives a 34 year old David Beckham. A player who will stay at the club for a period of less than 6 months. Now, the problems I have with these transfers are that they are the only ones to heat the Milan market this winter . Adiyah might not feature very often this season, and it would be foolish to expect him to displace either Pato or Ronaldinho. This kid has pace and skill. But in this day and age practically every 19 year old has these attributes. Does he have a cutting edge game worthy to don the red and black? Oh sorry, I forgot that Dida, Borriello and Kaladze are still members of this squad. I wouldn't know much about this Ghanaian, but that he has been signed from Fredrikstad, which is a Norwegian team.

Moving to Beckham.. why oh why would he think coming to Milan would help him seal a place in the national team tripping to South Africa? Leo's ultra-offensive 4-2-1-3 is creating ripples in Europe and the starting 11 know who they are even before training. Where is Beckham going to fit in? Can he displace either the irreplaceable Pirlo or the hard working Ambrosini, or fill in Pato/Ronaldinho's boots? The flat answer is, No. Beckham is a wide player, and that area is sufficiently full at the moment. It has been so hard to break into this position, that an attack minded Abate had to accept the role of a fullback just to earn some playing time. Beckham is merely going to be a pretty boy posing for the cameras, on the bench. Leo isn't the most adventurous of gaffers around. Borriello puts in one decent performance and goes missing for the next 3 games. But he is still guaranteed 80 minutes a match, as Huntelaar watches on. Beckham, to change the Brazilian's thinking? Not so.

We could have/should have snapped up Pandev on a free. But we didn't want to sever our relations with Lazio apparently. It leads me to assume that Galliani wants to run a human relations corporation and not a football club. The Macedonian would've provided us with the much needed option of an established/proven wide-man, a luxury, taking into account the kind of scrap we scrape up beneath the first eleven. There are however, other pressing needs in the team and we are busy piling in the wingers. When will the centre back arrive, and the left back, what about him? Galliani has some questions to answer. Kaladze, on the other hand, has a walk to take.

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