Saturday, January 30, 2010

the wait continues

Davide Di Gennaro

AC Milan 0 Udinese 1

Coppa Italia is an important trophy. Yes, it is. That is why Udinese had a full strength team on the pitch while Leo decided to try out his rookie comrades. The result was inevitable. Home or away, no difference. The management keeps forgetting that its the red and black side of town and not the blue and black side that they are managing, where a second string team can be employed against a full strength Juventus to secure progression. Sadly, the realization is taking its own sweet time to dawn on the hags.

It was a fresh, new look team. The motivation to impress the boss was high. We were so quick that even with a younger side we were second best to the ball in open spaces. Udinese were having the better chances, and it was showing as Abbiati was called into action very often. Shortly, Handanovic was also feeling the ball. Bonera and Kaladze were falling all over each other in sheer delight of finding themselves wearing the Milan shirt and playing in a competitive game. So overwhelmed were they that Abbiati had to work overtime to keep the scorelines level. Alexis Sanchez was Udinese's best player by a distance, and he was skinning Antonini often on the left. Inzaghi was largely selfish, trying to impersonate Messi on one occasion but hopelessly getting it wrong. Our defense doesn't seem to understand the meaning of clearance. They played possession football in the box, and Sanchez was the successful monkey, Inler pounced on the loose ball to send the Zebras through. Di Natale and Flores were giving our centre backs a torrid time, but their finishing let them down. The away side organized themselves really well, and kept us at bay for the rest of the game.

2 defeats in 3 days. AC Milan are finally hitting sanity. The honeymoon wasn't going to last. Its time that Leo's pigheadedness doesn't either. The newbie thinks that each club is restricted to only one formation, and he uses this lunatic formation in every game. The bloke doesn't understand that the better teams do their homework and have the task-force to see it through on the pitch. I reckon he would learn by the end of April. Di Gennaro is probably the best replacement for Pato in the current squad. Sorry, I mean was. The management decided to loan him out to Torino. It will be ironical if he features for his team later today and scores against us. Trust me, I'd like to see that happen.

Scorers :-
AC Milan -
Udinese - Inler 55'

Highlights -

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