Friday, January 15, 2010

two indispensable

Filippo Inzaghi

Mathieu Flamini

AC Milan 2 Novara 1

Kaka said it. Maldini said it. Pirlo said it. Gattuso said it. So did Inzaghi. What? That they will retire at Milan. Some have meant what they said. Some simply said it. If Inzaghi is going to join the latter group of players, it would be counted as a shame. He has been phenomenal for ACM for close to a decade. His ever predatory instinct have found him goals on practically every ground he has played in, and very few can contend with him as genuine impact players. He doesn't have it in him to play a full game. But Inzaghi wont understand that.

He was recently awarded a contract which he turned down, fueling speculation that he is on his way to the club which shot him into Italian top-flight, FC Parma. But, we need to hold onto him with all we got, because his experience and his poaching powers cannot be purchased or replaced. He showed it against Novara. His goal was a result of a lucky deflection, but he deserved it. A thorn in their flesh throughout, it was the first time that I saw the Italian not truly celebrate his goal. A clear indicator of his state of mind at the club. Another man impressed on the night, by getting on the score-sheet. He is a certain Frenchman, whose existence has been forgotten by many including his coach. With that screamer, for the umpteenth time, Flamini marked his arrival. He is being linked with a move to Spurs, and though his move to England appears unlikely, an anchor man of his ability wouldn't find it hard to attract suitors if he decides to leave. He is the future of our midfield, and has been since his arrival. Problem is, the future just doesn't seem to arrive with Leonardo sticking to the oldies. Both these players proved a point in this game, that they are here, and shouldn't be ignored. Point, should be duly noted.

We attacked a team that has acquired a tag of being giant killers after they knocked out Siena and Parma in this competition. The stadium was packed with 10,000 Novara supporters, who clearly outnumbered the Rossoneri faithful. Funny, since we were playing at home. We were clearly the better side, and the visitors were relying on the occasional counter to catch us off guard. Kaladze once again showed his class as a defender whilst providing Gonzalez all the time and space in the world to shoot. Jankulovski was incredibly threatening as an attacker. He has lost his touch in defense, and barely manages to threaten his attacker, so a slot in the front three is apt for the old Czech. He would do as an able deputy to Ronaldinho. Progression means meeting Udinese. Will we be prepared? Not sure, because United would be the next game. But progression is possible if we manage to motivate our fading gems, and think of Coppa Italia as more than a formality.

Milan - Inzaghi 12', Flamini 80'
Novara - Gonzalez 47'

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