Monday, January 18, 2010

ronaldinho returns


AC Milan 4 AC Siena 0

Yes, we scored 4 too, without conceding 3. We dominated the game, set the standards and brought the world to a halt as Ronaldinho weaved his magic around the fashion capital of Italy. Inter; watch and learn. Siena were never going to be easy. They had a renewed sense of self belief after they nearly sent Inter crashing last week. This time however, the script wasn't going to be like a James Bond flick which would result in a nervy climax. This time the script would be more down the lines of Dark Knight; entertainment from the start to the finish.

Siena had learned that the key to shut Milan was to hustle them and play an attacking game, and for the first 10 minutes, Siena were the more dominant team. But after Brandao's unexplainable mistake followed by Curci's sending off, ACM transformed into the monster they have come to be known as in recent times. Borriello had done well to earn the penalty. I felt sorry for the Robur. They had to play the first and second placed teams, at the San Siro in one week. Borriello had a few chances in the game. One in particular was a free header from a superb cross from Abate. Anyway, he might have missed the target then but he scored from a tight angle to make it 2-0. His 7th of the campaign. I absolute loved the one touch pass that Pirlo played in the midfield. It reflected the elegance of a player of his class. For majority of the game, we simply knocked the ball around.

Ronaldinho continued to dazzle one and all with his flashy runs and near perfect finishes. AC Milan attacked from the wings, with the Brazilian being the heart of all the attack. Both the full backs, Antonini in particular were having outstanding games. I have always liked Antonini and after this game, I like him even more. His forward runs and his understanding with R80 is commendable. Dida who was a mere spectator for nearly the entire game, came up with a save from point blank range. This could keep Abbiati warming the bench for long. Ronaldinho's third was an absolute beauty, and fully deserved as it capped his best performance in an ACM jersey till date.

I find football to be a humorous game. Its a matter of perspective. Some might consider it romantic, some might consider it plain fun. Inter played Siena last week, we played them this week and we play Inter next week. There has been a few standards being set, and most likely, this Derby Della Madonnina will have a lot more riding on it than just pride. We got some respect to earn and a trophy to win. Will we is an altogether different question, but we cannot be more prepared.

Milan - Ronaldinho pen 12', 72', 89', Borriello 27'
Siena - /

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