Tuesday, July 21, 2009

seeing stars

Thiago Silva

LA Galaxy 2 AC Milan 2

Harry Potter. I was watching the Half-Blood Prince as Milan were testing their mettle against Galaxy. The last few weeks have been troublesome and I did feel, for a change, it would be nice to go for a movie, rather than watch 90 minutes of a dilapidated Milan. And what do you know? I don't seem to have missed anything!

The story from last season repeated, as Milan went ahead twice only to have lost their lead twice. And the new re-reinforcements in defense aren't providing a great deal of quality. It can be argued, that Nesta has only returned after a year long absence, and that Silva needs time. But, I fancy these excuses will last till season end. Its true, Milan landed only the day before the game, and being only their second game in pre-season, they cannot be condemned unto failure so soon, but it seems like this squad is destined to just that. I don't have complaints in attack. With Pato missing, Borrielo but only coming back from injury, evergreen Inzaghi oh so reliable to poach and an additional striker surely arriving, Rossoneri can rest in peace in that department. Its the defense that concerns me.

Watch both the goals, and you recognize the catastrophe that Milan were last season, is still the case. Both the centre backs were nowhere in the picture on both the goals, the wingbacks were shaking hands with the linesmen or ogling at some yank chicks on the first goal. And on the second goal, there was no one marking the far past. The basics of defending, have gone for a walk when it comes to this club. So, the question must be asked again. Can Nesta+Silva be trusted? My answer remains 'No'. Silva isn't anything more than a promising defender, and Nesta is most certainly past his prime. The wingbacks surely have no defensive sense, and can't be counted on. With Abbiati out, there is a guarantee that we will concede. And our midfield isn't at par with the giants of Europe either, to sync play. Is this squad in crisis? Don't count yourself a genius for having answered the question with a 'Yes'.

Leonardo is so busy trying to make this team into a 'Barcelona', he quite can't look at the holes in the squad that are gaping at him. The squad is as good as Barcelona B, dare I say. Its as I read, either too old, or too young. And is quite frankly lacking any sort of quality to finish in prestigious positions in any tournament. Moreover, the task of providing success is vested in the hands of a man, who recently finished his diploma in coaching and a certification from UEFA. A miracle wouldn't be enough to save this team. But let's not lose hope, as only time will tell.

Goalscorers -
LA Galaxy - Alan Gordon, Bryan Jordan
AC Milan - Thiago Silva, Inzaghi


  1. Mate, you missed a great fight. LA Galaxy supporter Vs David Beckham.