Thursday, July 23, 2009

clubbed by america


Club America 2 AC Milan 1

Our second game in the World Football Challenge. It was against yet another minnow. And we still can't put in a respectable performance. A friend told me after watching the highlights of this game-"This defence will not win you anything." It actually will. It will win us a lot more disgrace and shame.

The reasons for our constant debacles is being laid down to lack of fitness. Seriously? Aren't we fit enough to kick the ball and run around. Having watched Milan play this game, it reminded me of the good ol' days when we used run around a mud ground kicking at the ball wildly. The men in red and black seemed to adopt similar tactical approach for this game. The defense was an insult. Both the goals were conceded under amateurish circumstances. Onyewu on the first goal was left ball watching, where was the defender who nullified the effect of Torres and Villa in the Confed Cup? Two of the finest strikers on the planet were left impotent by this defender, and here he seemed like a guy who was recently introduced to the sport itself. On the second goal, both Oguchi and Favalli were positioned so poorly that Nelson Rivas would feel proud to call himself a centre back. Zambrotta was asked to defend that flighted ball, and he couldn't. One plus point was the goal we scored. Flamini's chip into the box and Inzaghi's run combined with the finish left a gleam of hope within me that its not the end of the road. Even if we do concede, we have the potency to score.

The person I am most furious with is Leonardo. The recently appointed coach is treating his power like a video game. Why play kids who won't get a chance to play in the main season? Why keep changing the team chemistry? Obviously, the kids in the team aren't good enough to contend for the main team, so why play them and not give the main team players some playing time. This formation isn't meant for Milan, and if he needs a thrashing from Chelsea and Inter to prove the point then so be it. Chelsea are next, and having pawned Inter in their previous game, the will set upon a rampage when they face us in two days time. Oh I am so sure of that.

Scorers -
Club America - Esqueda (55'), Marquez (84')
AC Milan - Inzaghi (65')

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