Monday, July 27, 2009

ibra is now pronounced 'milito'

Diego Milito

AC Milan 0 Inter 2
Gillette stadium along with the millions of fans across the world would have wanted to experience a spectacle as the derby della madoninna was being played as a friendly. Something I would call a farce, but nonetheless it has inevitably been the greatest footballing rivalry in the history of the game. To stay up and witness this game wasn't meant to be an ordeal. But that is what it turned out to be.

Milito is Moratti's answer to the fans, when they cried "why Ibra?". And the 'Prince of Genoa' is proving his President right. The Argentine established himself as one of the finest strikers in the country with Genoa last season and was immediately snapped up by the free-spending Inter. He automatically provided them with the answer that Ibrahimovic kept looking for, when the latter faced Milan. The Swede has always lacked the bite when it comes to the big games. Milito dint bite, he tore away, ferociously. Cambiasso's delightful long ball was controlled and slotted past Kalac, after Oguchi and Kalac were left dumbfounded by a simple fake. This was the first of the two goals Milito scored. Post this, Inter attacked, Milan defended. However, there was a drift in the story as roles reversed and Milan engaged into a more attacking style. Close to the break, Milan did seem to be having the edge over their cousins. After the break, play resumed. What also resumed were Leonardo's atrocious replacements. Players who came on for Inter were the likes of Quaresma, Mancini, Cordoba, Santon, Stankovic. And players who came on for Milan were Odu, Zigoni, Abate, Antonini, Oddo. Get the drift? Come on, Leonardo isn't to be blamed. He has a weak squad, you may say. My response would be - Taking off Borrielo, Ronaldinho and bringing on Zigoni and Odu. Is that remotely sensible when you have Seedorf and Inzaghi on the bench? Food for thought. Not really, its common sense, viz largely lacking in Leonardo.

After these replacements, Inter were still that magnanimous side, and we were worse than their reserve team. The outcome, obvious. Inter came upon us like a flood, more like a plague and we had no answer. Inter's goal on the counter, was an outcome of sheer pace. Kalac again the clown between the posts. Oguchi Onyewu is nothing more than a giant who has his moments, but was skinned by Milito time and again in the game. Jankulovski was perhaps Milan's best player along with Ronaldinho. Gattuso had the sole intention of injuring the opposition. Post his conference, he might have realized, that the only way to bridge the gap is to take out the players and get the medics busy. There is a glimmer of hope, however. After the game, Leo spoke about the incompleteness of the squad. He has demanded re-enforcements and that is a positive sign considering our previous coach used to behave aphonic and employ Emerson just because he was signed by Galliani. Munich next, and their plethora of attacking talent cannot even be questioned. With the latest additions to their midfield, we will have more than just a few questions raised. Another defeat is certainly on the cards, and this should eventually bring out the wallet.

Scorers -
AC Milan - /
Inter Milan - Milito (4', 75')

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