Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my birthday gift

Oguchi Onyewu

I am sure this transfer has rocked the Rossoneri population. As I casually browsed the news, the link of this transfer came up. Ironically, this was not much after I had entered 'awaiting his birthday gift from the club he so dearly loves' as my status message on fb. I was furious. Reason - I thought Milan have signed yet another youngster whose name none beside Galliani has heard of. I open the link and see the photo. The result - ecstasy!

I can't be blamed for the non-recognition by player name. It is an odd name after all. But the face and build, and that badge, I wont forget. The "Gooch" is the first major signing by Milan this season. The reason I was ecstatic is because I have seen this American play, not very long ago. He dominated the likes of Torres and Villa, an ability not vested in many. at 6'4", he is a monster. He provides that ariel protection that we have lacked dearly over the season. He comes in on a free transfer, fantastic for a club that thinks anything more than 20 million euros is too much for a top class striker. He holds a Belgium passport, that negates him from occupying that precious non-eu slot. He is 27, and not 37. He played for the likes of Metz, Newcastle and Standard Liege. He has played for 4 years in the Belgian League, and though he doesn't have the kind of experience required to don the centre back for the likes of Milan, he has the stature and the ability. Going by the stalwarts he will be surrounded by, this is a fantastic platform for the American to display his power, and strength.

It might not be a Cr9 or a Kaka signing. It might not be the smartness of Benfica in the market. But its a start. We are covering our bases well. He may not necessarily start, but he will give Silva sleepless nights and challenging duals in the training ground. That is a good thing, competitively keeps the squad alive. He signs a 3 year deal with the club that will keep him till June 30 2012. As he comes from Standard Liege, he brings 4 years of Belgian football experience, as well as the learning's he might have acquired over the 47 caps he earned for his nation. This to me is a 'Owen-like' transfer. If it doesn't work, no big deal. But if it does, it can be a jackpot. It might not be a signing of great promise. Its certainly a signing to look forward to.

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