Monday, July 13, 2009



AC Milan 2 Varese 0

I am not interested in starting this report by complaining because after having seen Silva in those brief highlights, I am flummoxed, enraged and frightful of what is to come if he is to become a regular for the new season. I will however, get to that later. Leo started his new adventure with the squad presented to him, and the start can be branded as heartening. Hats off to Leo, who has been presented with a squad of players capable of finishing only 10th in the league, but has been demanded of a top 3 finish, which is safely 7 positions above this team's capabilities. Leo, a fresh diploma holder, has a daunting task ahead.

If this performance and the result is anything to go by, then there is still sometime before we embark on Serie C adventure. That does give me a sigh of relief, but barely so. Leo has decided to employ a 4-3-3 formation for this side. I can't say that it hasn't crossed my mind that this isn't inspired by the historic Barca side that conquered all of Europe last season. Attacking wingbacks, wide forwards, dynamic and attack minded play, short passing, and limited emphasis on defense. Very trademark of the recently 'legendary Barcelona'. Inzaghi's two goals, typical poacher efforts, give me the understanding that this man will never age, nor lose the ability to score. Antonini's contribution and game play makes me wonder why he isn't starting. Silva's contribution and game play makes me wonder why he is. There might be accusations raised against me for having held a certain mindset against him, but he never helps me change it. Just in the highlights, there were 2 occasions where Silva was skinned by a Serie C level striker. To make matters worse, he no longer has a invincible Nesta beside him. Vintage Nesta is, but he is also touching 33 and hasn't played for over a season. Unlike Barcelona, who have powerful, effective centre backs, Milan have muppets for that position.

Upfront, we look deadly, menacing. Ronaldinho seems to have realized his significance in this team, and lived up to it with a good performance. Borrielo was used as a wide striker which he brought to the media's attention quite immediately. Pato's isn't fit enough to play, or so it is believed. And with Fabiano's arrival, we won't be considered impotent anymore. Hernanes, also could be on the flight to Italy, which is comforting news. The future isn't bright, but it isn't as bleak as expected either. But let's not forget, this was a Serie C side that we faced.

Goal Scorers -
AC Milan - Inzaghi
Varese - /

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