Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Leonardo Sacrimento

Palermo 3 AC Milan 1

I know, its not plumetting, but plummeting. But this post is about getting your basics right. The face that you see in this blog post is one that angers me beyond comprehension. After the game, Leo stated that he would like to end the season with honor. Considering we are facing Fiorentina, Juventus and Genoa, I hardly see that happening.

Inter beat Atalanta 3-1, and Palermo beat Milan with the same scoreline. I can see more than one similarity there. The coach states that the poor performances are due to a lack of first team players playing in these games. Yes 5-6 first team players might be missing, but is the second string so deficient in quality that we crash and burn against a team like Palermo. Take a look at the 3 goals Palermo scored. A well organized defense would not have allowed any of those goals to be scored. Absolutely catastrophic defending! Such textbook mistakes that even a rookie isn't allowed to commit. But Leonardo is a tactical noob who happens to have amassed a wealth of knowledge about the sport. Well, he certainly snoozed during the course on basics. On the first goal, who was guarding the far post? On the second goal, why was Massimo Oddo performing a ballet move. And on the third, why was the above mentioned veteran staring at Miccoli's plums instead of closing the latter down? Oddo was played at centre-back for the second game running. Whatever happened to Darmian and Albertazzi? Jankulovski's legs have gone numb and yet he gets a start. Verdi, someone? We play over the hill players, out of position, and expect to end the season in 'honor'? Leonardo has done more damage to this team, from a brand perspective, than he has helped in bringing us European football qualification places. I am shocked that he is still holding the reigns of this team.

There are talks of Tassoti and Galli handling the team next season. Not many people have warmed up to the idea. I think its a plan worth executing. Why? Tassoti has worked with Ancelloti for awhile and his level of experience surpasses that of Leonardo by miles. Yes, he doesn't have Leo's pretty face. But neither does Fabio Cappello or Alex Ferguson. What matters is that he gets the basics right, with any team he gets. We might not win, but we certainly won't plummet in this fashion.

Palermo - Bovo 9', Abel Hernandez 19', Miccoli 69'
Milan - Seedorf 55'

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