Monday, April 19, 2010

leo leave

Leonardo Sacrimento

Sampdoria 2 AC Milan 1

I have liked Leo in his approach, but have never condoned his genuine love for tactical retardation. Leo is everything you don't want in a coach. And when you are playing a team desperate to win the 4th spot, you never play Bonera in central defense, especially when the opposition has an explosive strike force. Even after you have committed that error, you never play a full back in the same position when you are one man down. But Leonardo has had an entire season to learn common sense and has shown no signs of learning it.

We have had an awful run of results and I dearly wish that we lose the remaining games too. It would surely disclose to the world our true quality as we have portrayed a fable of sorts deceiving many. Borriello seems to be thriving amidst this mess. Ronaldinho is still putting in endearing performances. Mancini continues to miss open goal chances. But I have one man to blame. Why would you play Mancini when you need to score goals during a drought period? Why would you play Seedorf deep in midfield? No, you wouldn't, but Leo would. Bonera's horrendous tackle will tell you volumes about his ineptness. Yet he is played. Don't we have youngsters who could and probably should be given a chance? We are out of the running for the title, we never were in it in the first place. We are struggling with our hags, then why not try out some young blood. After the defeat Leonardo has the audacity to say the team had no motivation. Mister, it is your job to see that they are motivated! I could go on and on about what a failure this novice has been, who should have quit in dignity after disgracing this team at the hands of United and Inter. But he is still warming the bench.

He has done some fair bit of good work, but that doesn't suffice. Not when he is managing AC Milan. His appointment was a big mistake, if he decides to stay on, it will be a bigger mistake. Thankfully, Milan are letting him go at the end of the season. Credit be given, the bloke did get some flukes right in Dida and Inzaghi. But if he says that Abate, Ambrosini and Antonini have been finds of the season then we all know what to expect come the new season; this obviously if he continues endorsing inappropriate role.

Sampdoria - Cassano pen. 59' , Pazzini 92'
AC Milan - Borriello 20'

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