Monday, April 12, 2010

end of a dream

Marco Borriello

AC Milan 2 Catania 2

When you are a fan of one of the biggest football clubs in the world and you see your team go down by two goals in the first half, in your own ground, being completely outplayed by a minnow, it's a feeling equivalent to being sawed alive. Fiorentina had stalled Inter in their march towards the title, and what we needed to do was take advantage of the slip up. But we take our brotherly love a bit too seriously.

Catania took the lead from Lopez's opener. The former Barcelona man has been the signing of the January window of sorts for the Rossazzurri. AC Milan made lame attempts to equalize and the away side decided to take the game seriously. The counter attack resulted in the second goal. Ricchuiti who had assisted Lopez for the opener got onto a free header (which Antonini should have cleared) and headed home the away side's second. After the game resumed, we found ourselves back in the game as Borriello headed from close range. Favalli was replaced by Flamini as Ambrosini moved back into a centre back role. Whenever this happens, it freaks me out. Leonardo went overboard as he brought on Inzaghi and Mancini. As usual, it worked. Catania were pushed back into their own half. Abate's cross was chested down by Borriello who shot with his weaker foot past the keeper with 10 minutes to go. Ambrosini wore the clown's hat at the back and with Dida behind him, he found a mate. A series of howlers followed, but Lopez couldn't make the most of it. The game ended in a draw.

This marks the end of the dream. In the last one and half months, we had our chances to take a substantial lead over Roma and Inter. But we all know how we responded to the easy fixtures. From here on, we play Fiorentina, Juventus, Sampdoria, Palermo and Lazio. We are 3 points behind Inter and 4 points behind Roma. With due respect to the other teams in the competition, the top 2 have a much easier run in. To overtake them and win the league from here on would be preposterous. The challenge now however, is to hold onto the 3rd spot. We have a 10 point lead over 4th placed Palermo and Sampdoria. But never say never, yeah?

AC Milan - Borriello 48', 80'
Catania - Lopez 12', Ricchuiti 37'

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