Wednesday, August 19, 2009

trofeo tim

Ignazio Abate

Inter 1 Milan 0
This was the first game that Huntelaar would get to display his skills in. He was given a start. And all of us hoped that hunting season would resume, now in Italy. It was a joy to behold Antonini and Abate in the team, but at the same time, it was painful having Favalli and Oddo in the defense. Abate once again outshone his comrades on the pitch. The 22 year-old is doing all within his capabilities to impress the management. We, the fans are impressed. He is someone who needs be given more opportunities this season than Seedorf or Ambrosini. The youth and vigor was abundantly visible. He was attacking, demonstrating incredible pace, and his defense were brutal and full of energy. Sometimes reckless, but the effort was pleasing. Storari came up with a top class save from Balotelli's free kick. But the keeper couldn't keep out the header after some primary school defending. Balotelli, one of the formidable opponents from a set piece was left unmarked, and provided with a free header from close range. Such goals have become a necessity in each game Milan plays over the last couple of seasons. Italian footballing infrastructure was made agonizingly evident when the lights went out and dint return for quite sometime. I thought power crisis existed only in India. Inter are definitely better prepared for the new season. Passing and movement was sublime, and they are reflecting the works of a world-class trainer, on the pitch. It was remarkable to watch Inter field a defense of Materazzi and Samuel. We had Hunter, Duck and Bucktooth in attack, and we still couldn't make Cesar twitch. Antonini's shot and Pato's header were probably the only two occasions that Cesar was made to flex his arms. Our impotency in attack continues, and we dint manage to score a goal, even after acquiring a top-class striker. The 4-3-1-2 is far superior to the 4-3-3. Before you raise objections, I mean with reference to this team. If we lost, it was because we were, and are poorer in quality and not for any other reason. Lets face it

Inter - Balotelli 23'
Milan - /


Juventus 2 Milan 0
Juventus just needed a win to lift their first Tim Trophy. 4-3-1-2 was the tactical formation adopted by both the teams. Iago, the highly rated youngster filled in the trequartista role for the Bianconeri behind Iaquinta and Amauri. Our attacking woes continued through this game as well. Newly acquired goalkeeper, Flavio Roma pretended to guard the post for the Rossoneri. He has served for some 8 years in France, where goalkeepers are mere spectators. And he continued to fulfill that profile here as well. Amauri, who was left unmarked happily received the ball, and after some trademark defending from Favalli, was provided with the opportunity to shoot. Mr. Roma then allowed the ball to sneak into the near post. The 35 year old clearly needs a crash course in keeping. He however managed to hold out a header from Amauri later in the game. How?! Juventus' second goal was a joy to behold, not really. Ronaldinho just refuses to keep it simple, and his error costs again. His slipshod ball control gifts the ball back to Juventus, who walk through our midfield, then dance through our defense before Iaquinta slots the ball past Roma. Being a fan of Milan, witnessing such a goal, gives me the understanding of what excruciating pain is. Abate once again got into the thick of the action, and provided a cross from the right, which was turned away by Manninger. AC Milan were a disgrace throughout this edition, a form they have carried across several countries and trophies in the last few weeks. Anonymous would've found a new synonym if it was introduced to this team. Our management have surely lost a massive performer in Amauri, one we should have signed last season. And our constant belief in that goof Ronaldinho is not only going to cost us points, but a lot, lot of money.

Juventus - Amauri 13', Iaquinta 32'
Milan - /

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