Wednesday, August 26, 2009

brazilians conquer the artemio franchi

<u>Pato with Ronaldinho

AC Siena 1 AC Milan 2
The season started, and we played on the opening match-day. Siena, who are tipped to go down this season after selling their best players in Kharja and Zuniga had a point to prove. Though Milan had made the same mistakes over the summer, the predictions haven't been that dark, yet. Playing away (no matter where) is never easy. Especially when you have a new team and a new coach. Literally, a coach who is new to coaching.

We began our game positively. Passing and movement was confident and assured. After all the talk in the summer, i found it a bit strange that we were still playing direct football, fully aware that Borrielo is no Drogba or Amauri. Pato's offside goal took Galliani off his seat and the latter's reaction was similar to that of a teenage girl who had been poked on her backside. Abate's absence in the team seemed odd, considering he was fielded in nearly all the friendlies. Ronaldinho and Pato, from the start looked very sure of their game, and were showing sings of tremendous understanding. Gattuso was displaying terrific work ethic. He dint look like a player coming back from injury. Pato scored the opener from a typical trequartista pass. The finish was horrendous, and was helped on by the keeper. Milan's defense responded poorly to Siena's advances, and after some sloppy work by the defense, the Bianconeri found their equalizer. Siena looked the more potent team after the equalizer. Gattuso was playing his 400th official game for the club since making his debut more than 10 years ago in a nil-nil draw against Chelsea. He was the best player on the pitch until he was taken off. Game had been reduced to a lot of shabby play and disorderly passing. Our second goal however, was a gem. Ronaldinho's pass found Flamini, whose movement was superb. The Frenchman decided to take the unselfish route and passed the ball across the face of the goal to Pato who pounced on the ball, applying the finish. A classic, this one. The Rossoneri looked the more dangerous team since half time, looking ever so sure to score again. The Robur could have found themselves another equalizer, but their front man, Maccorone scuffed a golden opportunity. Siena continued taking shots from distance, trying to claw themselves back into the game. Ronaldinho came up with a bicycle kick, which was surprisingly tipped over by Curci. Borrielo may no longer be a goal threat, but he tracks back a lot, which is a positive thing. The home side grew in confidence as the game went on, but couldn't convert that into a goal.

Ronaldinho, was the man of the match by miles. Its too early to lavish praise on the Brazilian and I will hold my horses back a bit. But, his passing and his intelligence was crystal clear. He plays like this for us during the season, he could might as well bring Berlusconi's prophesy to pass. Silva had a sound debut. Solid, no nonsense defending. However, I would like to raise questions over Pato's finishing. The boy should have added another 2 to his tally. His understanding with Ronaldinho is evidently exceptional, but that is pointless if he couldn't put the ball into the back of the net, with those delicious opportunities that were provided to him. He will need to improve on this front for the weekend. Because its THE BIG ONE. And we will have 'The Hunter' back from suspension!

AC Siena - Ghezzal 34'
AC Milan - Pato 29', 48'

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