Thursday, August 20, 2009

berlusconi's trophy, berlusconi's pride

Silvio Berlusconi

AC Milan 1 Juventus 1 (5-4 pen.)
Its been something of a tradition for the last 20 years or so that Silvio Berlusconi has a friendly organized between Milan and Juventus. He does so in the honor of his father, Luigi Berlusconi. I much rather he dedicate funds for reinforcements in the honor of a more promising future for this club. AC Milan were humbled just days before this game, by the team they were about to play. There was an air of unease in the atmosphere. Was another humbling in the offering?

Ferrara opted for an unfamiliar triangle upfront, with Diego, Trez and Iaquinta. Pirlo was back to his creative best for this game. His passing and shot taking was impressive, one in particular hit the crossbar from 30 yards out. Milan were looking a much different side from the one at the weekend. More compact, more fluid. Nevertheless, it was the away side that took the lead. Diego took his chance from distance, and the shot ricocheted of Silva, resulting in the ball ending in the back of the net. Pint-sized Storari couldn't do much. Maybe a certain Flavio Roma could have done better, maybe. Also with Storari crouching (why was he doing that?), you can never say. Huntelaar, who was deprived of service at the weekend, seemed to be more in sync with the game this time round. He tested Buffon in the 44th minute, the keeper successful. Pirlo continued to pull the strings in midfield quite admirably throughout the game. In the 68th minute, Pato converted from a delightful cross by Abate. Buffon left with no chance, and the Juve defense returning one of Milan's countless favors from the past. The joy on the Brazilians face was explicit; he was relieved that his 'honeymoon' was over. Ronaldinho had his chance later on, but his finishing letting him down. We did go on to win the game on penalties, but its not a result that particularly pleased me.

Berlusconi has been going on, and on about how great this team is. That we have the best 'central defensive partnership' in Europe. And so on and so forth. This win has done this club more harm than good. Berlusconi zipped the purse shut right after this game, deeming that this team can do great things without the need of any arrivals. And this isn't the first time that the Italian P.M. has acted cuckoo. However, there are positives to take from this game. The squad finally won after Varese, which seems like a decade ago. There is now a sense of confidence and encouragement in this team. Also this win, gave the players the much needed morale-boost that they so desperately needed. But all said and done, we are still where we were. We haven't taken any steps ahead. And never before in my active memory can I recall a Milan side this frail in comparison to its competition. No new players will arrive, that is becoming more and more certain. All we can do now, is engage in polishing this meaningless trophy. After all, it might be the only trophy that we might win this season.

Milan - Pato 68'
Juventus - Diego 27'

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