Sunday, August 30, 2009

thank you inter

Gennaro Gattuso

AC Milan 0 Inter Milan 4

I know. This post is severely overdue. I dint think that I would need so long to hibernate and hide. Thought I would run out of shame much sooner. But I dint. I still haven't. It seemed back then that following the route of the management post the derby disaster would be the best thing to do, to avoid the taunts from Inter fans that I haven't met and from the rest of the world who thinks I am crazy about football and need a psych. It so happens, this derby provided the remedy for my craze.

Before this game, Milan were ridiculously touted as favorites. But I assume that the team took it seriously, as it showed in their game for the first 30 minutes or so. Flamini had predicted that it would be a physical battle, and he most probably hoped like the rest of us that Gattuso wouldn't take this prediction literally. But he did. Tackles were flying all over the pitch. It seemed like the single objective of the teams were to reduce the men in the opposition by inflicting maximum physical pain. Sneijder, who had signed for Inter less than 24 hours ago was given a start, and he tested Storari from distance, the shot stopper providing a world-class save to stop the ball from flying into the back of the net. Ronaldinho was later provided with the opportunity to get on the scoring sheet. but he scuffs his shot, and misses it like a pansy. Milan then started attacking quite marvelously, and were threatening aerially as well. The string of attacks gave the onlookers, such as myself a lot of pleasure. Gattuso wasn't match fit. Why oh why was he given a start, still remains a mystery. Inter's opening goal came out of nowhere. It was a result of fine passing and movement, and resembled Barcelona, only in black and blue stripes instead of brown and blue. Pato was the only player threatening the Inter defense. Inter then catch Milan on the counter. Maicon's direct ball finds Eto'o who blazes past a defense that wasn't there, only to find Gattuso hugging him down inside the box. What turned Gattuso on, I wonder. But on a serious note, a former world class player doing something that stupid is an all-time new. The same chap, not much later, brings down Sneijder with a hideous tackle, earning him his second yellow. Oh yes, he had received his first from the penalty, which Milito confidently converted. After what I had seen Gattuso do tonight, I wished he be given capital punishment. The extent of damage he had caused Milan was beyond repair. He definitely doesn't deserve a first team slot, let alone the armband. And what's most shocking is all this happened, when he was just one whistle away from being substituted prematurely due to his ankle injury. But no, he just had to executed his heroics.

Moving on, Maicon capped an exceptional display of attacking and defensive football with a great goal, skinning Jankulovski in the bargain. He had ripped Jankulovski so badly during the night, watching Jankulovski still standing made me respect the Czech's courage. It also angered me to constantly view his incompetence. At half-time, Ambrosini came on for an anonymous Borrielo and Seedorf replaced Flamini. The intention was to close the game without aiding in adding digits against Inter's name on the scoreboard. During the second half, we tried to keep the ball down, and passed the ball more. Keeping the ball meant keeping the scoreline humiliatingly acceptable. When against Inter, for the last few seasons, the script hasn't changed. They are physically far superior to us, and were toying us like we were a bunch of playschool kids against some alley bullies. Seedorf decided to prove a point to his former employers. He was by far the most influential player, positively speaking, i.e, beside Pato. He did make the Inter defense narrow their brows in worry. Quite an inspirational performance that should earn him a few starts. Eto'o scored from an offside position, and realization dawned on Leo. He decided enough was enough, and decided to replace Ronaldinho with debutante Huntelaar. Buck-tooth had one of the worst games a professional could ever have. And it must be getting difficult for him to keep track of it, because such performances have become a regularity in recent times. Well, it wouldn't have been a derby if Stankovic hadn't scored. Question is, where was the closing down bit?

I thank Inter. The administration and the players of Milan are indebted to Mourinho for taking it easy after the break. This could have been a romp, and there was no reason why Inter had to halt the destructive manner of football they were playing. But the sympathy was real, and as much as it hurts, its true. They took pity on us. Moratti also went the length to be modest about it in the press. This turned out to be a 'practise match' for the Nerazzurri. But I feel that playing against the reserves of Bari would've been a more competitive game for Mourinho's men. Leonardo then decided to expose his doltish front by defending the team and Gattuso. We thankfully have an international break this weekend. The players need to get back after nursing their battered ego's. The management needs to prepare itself for many a such thumping. So Blatter, we need more international breaks.

AC Milan - what?
Inter Milan - Motta 29', Milito pen 36', Maicon 45', Stankovic 67'

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