Saturday, June 20, 2009

saved by the teeth

Aly Cissokho

A week ago, Cissokho was almost a Milan player. Today, he is still a Porto player. The reason this is the case is because he failed a medical, and one under bizarre circumstances. His teeth had shown potential problems, that could lead to him having sportsman's hernia! Ok!

When i read that Milan have signed this player for 15m euros, i was furious. Hard earned money from the sale of top players in Gourcuff and Kaka, going for the purchase a newbie who has performed well for the last 6 months?? Exactly one year ago, this French starlet of Ghanian origin was playing for Vitoria de Setubal, a third division Portuguese team. Such has been his ascent, that he displaced the left back in Porto to become the Dragoes main left back. He was the man who made Ferguson quiver in the Champions League, as the Scottish genius had to make Rooney nullify the wing-back's effect. It was here that Cissokho made a name for himself. And a Champions League performance, even if its one in many, is enough to impress the men suited in the Via Turati board. Take Senderos for example.

My dismay, thankfully, was short lived. Milan were hounding Porto to reduce the asking price, and it had dropped down to 12m euros. Good enough, for a highly rated 21 year old, i thought. The second report read, that Milan wanted to take him on loan for a season with an option to buy. That, dint happen. Finally, another report stated that Milan wanted to reduce the initial investment from 7m euros to 4m euros. All three options were short down by the Os Tripeiros heads. Boy, am i happy!

We need a wingback, yes. But I can't deny that there are other pressing needs in the squad. Renewing Ambrosini's contract, holding onto Gattuso, Pirlo and Pato, as well as signing a CB and a striker. Galliani is working overtime, and its not because Luciano Moggi or Gasperini have raised valid questions. Hopefully, signings will come quick, and not the likes of Oliveira or Ibrahim Ba.


  1. nor the likes of 9 million euros worth of flab like in case of ronaldo, or however so many bucks for emerson, oh and 22 million gilardino, not those either.

    and dood ONE CB? i dont quite understand why you guys take nesta's presence for granted ...

  2. I don't take him for granted, but we do need one CB and that is quite obvious. Nesta hasn't played for an entire season, and Silva isn't the one to inspire confidence. WE are left with Kaladze and all of us know his caliber. We definitely need a CB and also a left back in my opinion, unless we intend to use Albertazzi next season, or Perticone even.

  3. Vit. Sétubal is not a club of the portuguese third division. It's from the first division.
    A year ago he is playing in the french 3rd division.

  4. The reports said otherwise. If what you are saying is true, then I apologize for the error.