Friday, June 26, 2009

'right' way to go?

Ignazio Abate

Massimo Oddo

I don't know how fair it is to say that AC Milan are strengthening the right side of the squad. With the recent additions of Oddo and Abate, the team does appear stronger on the right. It also provides great clarity on how Leo foresees playing this team, next term.

Leo wants to play a 4-3-3. Use a big man in the middle, and play two floating forwards who can assist him in driving the defense into lunacy, by running circles around the defense. Pato, Ronaldinho, and more recently Abate are quite capable of that. Also wing-backs do seem important in this tactical plan. Cissokho and now Oddo, Leo is not mindful of actuating full-backs.

These can't be considered transfers really. Oddo has returned from Munich, where he was quite successful in taking over from Willy Sagnol on the right. It wasn't an auspicious season for the Bavarian giants, as they endured a trophy less season. Oddo left when Zambrotta arrived, for obvious reasons. The incoming
Bluagrana reject was certainly younger and better, and still a part of the Italian set-up. Also, Oddo had just ended a season, that would have made Galliani wonder why he ever brought him back from Lazio. So, Oddo oddly packed his bags, and departed. Now he is back, and looks certain to stay, even though he is being liked by men at Turin. The sad news is, he still has 2 years on his contract.

Ignazio Abate lack of presence in the team has always bewildered me. A young Italian of magnanimous talent should have experienced football at its highest quality, instead of being shipped all across the country to clubs such as Napoli, Sampdoria, Piacenza, Modena and Empoli. He played for Torino last season, and featured quite regularly. Torino did go down, but he did get some much needed Serie A level experience. He is 22, but I wonder if this U-21 Italy player had stayed with Milan during the past few years, how much more of a player he would have become? AC Milan have made the necessary amends by purchasing his other half of the rights that were owned by Torino. Well, it is great that he is back. The question is will he be played? I think yes, he will.

Galliani has targets, and for once, I think 'Uncle Fester' knows what he is doing. Dzeko will most likely arrive, and Cissokho/Santos are also possibilities. We need a CB, but there is still plenty of time for that. August 25, Madrid will be awaiting us at the Bernebau, and they are already looking 3 times the team we are. It remains to be seen, what we can muster up till then.

In other news, Pierre Aubeyamang has been loaned to Lille, and Milan have signed Gianmarco Zigoni from Treviso for 1.2m euros. Nothing much can be said of him except that he is 18 years of age. Now, these are the kind of transfers that wont make a difference for the next 3-4 seasons. Or maybe they never will.

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