Thursday, June 18, 2009

breaking the 'family' tradition


Kaka was more than our best player, more than the best trequartista in the world, more than the highest grosser from shirt sales, more than a brand for AC Milan. And we break the very principles and values that made us a morally superior club than any other in Europe.

Galliani and Berlusconi had given the Rossoneri fans so much belief that the 'Son of Milan' wont be sold, that most fans would've bet their lives on him remaining a Milan player till the end of his career. But things took a remarkable turnaround when AC MIlan accepted a bid of 117m euros from Manchester City for the playmaker in January. Kaka must have received a bigger shock than the fans that stormed the streets of the fashion capital of Italy in protest. The Brazilian had verbalised his dreams of captaining this side in the near future, and this same person was being considered for an amount so outrageous that it could've been sufficient for the purchase of a lower league club. Kaka held his own, after seeing the emotional demonstration of the Rossoneri faithful. But it was gaping everybody in the face that Kaka is sure to part ways in the summer. It possibly had an effect on his motivation, because for the rest of the season, he wasn't quite the same player. And sure enough, Perez came knocking, and Galliani decided to shake hands with Kaka for the last time, for an amount that stupefies me till date. This is because 67.2m euros is barely an amount for one of football's biggest names, who arguably is in his prime at the age of 27. Kaka dint hesitate and moved away leaving behind a cloud of silence and an environment disturbed from fear of what is to come.

Kaka arrived for 7m euros in 2003, nobody would have envisioned shedding tears over his departure to another club. Such is his impact. He won the Serie A in 2004, and was a critical component in the greatest footballing machine on the planet in 2005. His most significant year was in 2007, where he almost single-handedly took Milan to glory in Athens. He was by far the best player in the world then, after which his form took a serious dive. Knee injuries plagued him in the coming seasons, and some rationalists consider this sale as inevitable for Milan, and also one, that could be a blessing in disguise. I am one of them, but before you jump to conclude that i am contradicting myself, let me remind/inform you, that Kaka is my favorite player, and also my role model. No footballer in Europe can compare to his moral standards, and when fit, to his game standards as well. The way he has conducted himself amongst all the praise and moolah that is lavished upon him leaves me in awe of him. When such a personality leaves my beloved club, it is bound to cause some pain.

Some say, Kaka is a traitor, he 'belongs to money'. They safely negate the possibility of the management shoving him out of the door, and I mean shoving him out of the door and not showing the door. Kaka isn't about money, Bosco is. Kaka loved this club, and dreamed of leading this club one day. The patience he showed in this respect is marvelous, as he is the best player and the player with maximum influence on the squad after Maldini. Yet he remained silent, when Ambrosini and Gattuso donned the armband. Kaka couldn't have stayed, as many expected him to. If he did, he would be expected to carry the guilt that he could have 'saved' the club by accepting a transfer. Him leaving to Madrid was mutually beneficial. He left for Milan's sake, but he dint sacrifice his career. As he says so often, if he was to ever leave Milan, it would be for Madrid, and rightly so. Madrid after all, are the bigger club, and why take a ridiculous personal sacrifice by joining a lower club? Kaka always said that he would stay at Milan as long as they wanted him, as long as their objectives and his objectives were the same. So, when the club asked him to leave, when the objectives changed direction, he left. There is absolutely no logic in chastising him for it.

There wont be another
Kaka, or even a 'Kaka-like' player. We have lost the one player who could've filled in the hole left behind by this maestro, as we sold that one player to Bordeaux. The other, has joined Juventus. I can't think of any other who can take over, not just in terms of game-play, but in terms of influence and character. This last month, AC MIlan may have balanced their books, but have lost more than they have ever lost in their history. I am referring to Kaka, Gourcuff, Ancelloti and Maldini. This has signalled the start of a new era, an era that has not brought fear to the hearts of our rivals, but to the hearts of the very people who run this club, and those who support this club.


  1. Amen to that. I'm still hoping for good things to come however amidst the fact that Milan hasn't done anything good to remedy their current predicament which is rebuilding the club. After that failed move for Cissokho, I couldn't help but feel that I might be in for another disappointing season with Milan.

  2. Don't lose heart EJ. Its only June and the window is a good 70 days away from completion. We can make concrete comments only then. Until the 31st of August, its only hope we can savor.