Monday, June 15, 2009

the lottery

Carlo Ancelloti and Leonardo

Welcome. To my new blog, to a new season. I would like to start with the introduction of a man who could potentially lead us into greatness, or potentially lead us into depression. His name is Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo. Or more simply Leonardo. He has remained an attacking midfielder in his playing days, playing in Spain, Brazil, France and Italy. Quite a productive player, integral, effective and gifted for Milan in his prime, Leo was on his way to become a part of the 'Milan Family'.

Post his playing days, he went onto become a TV analyst, and joined Milan later as a scout cum agent for Brazil. His eye for talent has been unmatched for Brazilian genius. And that has been instrumental in bringing some fabulous youth into this team. He can take pride in the discovery of Kaka, and more recently Pato. And being a scout and agent of the club, he was as good as good can get.

But the shoes he is stepping into, in my opinion is too big for him. A world-class coach is barely replaceable. But it can't get more hysterical than replacing Ancelloti with a 39 year old infantile, who has absolutely no coaching experience. As a matter of fact, when Ancelloti's career was under immense speculation, just weeks before his departure, Leo was taking coaching lessons! One of the biggest clubs in the world, will have a man, who is a novice in man management, handling a team in crisis next season. I know, disturbing!

This is where, people bring in the example of Guardiola. Fellows, Guardiola has coached the Barcelona B team for a year, where he won 25 games, drew 8 and lost 5 giving him a win percentage of 65.79%. He walked into a Barcelona team filled with superstars, and with a President who wasn't going to hold back from buying players he wanted. He played in a league, where it is fair enough to say that there are only 2 teams fighting for the domestic title and the gulf in quality thereon is large enough to drive lorries through. Leo, has none of this. He walks into this post, being presented with a squad of has beens, low on quality and motivation. His President has pulled the plug on funding, and the league is only getting stronger and more competitive.

I am not ruling out the possibility of him succeeding. I am only saying, it is more probable he will fail. Moreover, Anceloti was sacked because he dint adhere to Berlusconi's tactical advices. This clearly shows the role Leo will be performing as he takes over the squad. Did anyone say 'puppet'?

Anyway, I wish the gaffer luck with this new adventure he is about to begin. He isn't only riding his luck, but the hopes of millions around the world. Is he the new Capello, the new Sacchi? Only time will tell.


  1. myproblem is that he might try to make a braca like team, we need solid defense cos this is italy not spain where its okay for every club to concede two goals on average ... if we concede two goals here 7 attackin players may or may not score three ... i hope it doesent turn out to be a blunder but anyone would have done for me, to replace carlo ... it is of symbolic importance as well, this replacement of carlo ..

    and btw nice blog profile man :)

  2. oh and i'm Nishant Jha forgot to mention above ..

  3. Hey Nishanth, thanks mate :)
    I am not very comfortable about having a beginner managing this team.