Friday, May 21, 2010

end of season


Its the end of another story. A story that wasn't a fairy tale even if the ending somewhat resembled one. We had a new, young coach who left the club because he refused to be dominated by the President. And we had an unlikely candidate become our best player and being pivotal to our European qualification.

This season, we witnessed the worst defense Milan have had in recent history. Abate and Antonini were employed at fullback position. Our central striker was Marco Borriello and Pirlo continued his dismal form for yet another season running. Flamini was benched in favor of Ambrosini, and that counted in the big games. The lack of a hard man in midfield enable teams to run riot and we were on the receiving end of 4-0 scorelines. We fans suffered remarkable humiliation in Europe and Milan became a laughing stock. So pay attention and you would know that not much has changed since last year.

However credit must be given to Leo who tried to make a difference. Even though he is complimented and congratulated beyond rational limits, Leo did takea bunch of hags and newbies and accomplished European qualification that even 'double' winner Ancelloti couldn't at one point in time. Ancelloti still had Kaka and Maldini. Leonardo on the other hand had an impotent Hunterlaar and and a lame Favalli. Kudos then to the departing coach.

Standout player for me, by far is Ronaldinho. He has been the most consistent player for the team. He leads the domestic table in assists and has scored a good number of goals. If Borriello had taken his chances, Borriello would have won probably won the Capoconnoneire and Ronaldinho would have been rewarded by UEFA for most assists in a season in football's recorded history. Alas, Borriello was too preoccupied with his dashing charm and hairstyle and less on the job of scoring goals. We saw very little of Gattuso and Inzaghi, even Seedorf. This is a very good sign. Silva performed bravely this season without the tutelage of Nesta. The Brazilian did all he could to save the face of the club from a defender's perspective, but when you form a line of defense with Favalli, Abate and Antonini, being Lucio also wouldn't help. Nesta kept things tidy at the back with his partner for large parts of the season it was a two man show.

Pato. This lad convinces me and goes the mile to bring me back to square one. I still don't rate Pato. Are you shocked? Not surprised, many are when I tell them the same. Agreed he is very young, but that is his problem. He is very young. He would do very well at a Chelsea or a Manchester United. But sadly, AC Milan is not a club for someone like him. The pressure on him is telling; this to such an extent that he goes missing, quite literally. Either he is having a bad game or he is injured. He has his days when he is almost unplayable, but there are many youngsters like that in Europe.

After yet another disappointing season, we now look at the transfer period to give us hope. We are linked with a host of promising names; Krasic, Dzeko, Otamendi and the likes. Not fancy names, but names that could make a positive impact at the club. Allegri seems favorite to take up the reigns for the coming season. A new era beckons? Let's hope so.

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