Tuesday, May 11, 2010

behind closed doors

Giuseppe Sculli

Genoa 1 Milan 0

There are two ways a team can respond while facing failure with remarkable consistency. It could either emerge from the shadows like Batman or sink like the Titanic. AC Milan's run-in as been much like the latter. By the time you read this, the season would be over. Leonardo would have left the club and Berlusconi would have said for the umpteenth time that he should be coach. Fans would have protested in vain. Life wouldn't have changed much.

But its worth commenting on. Genoa have made concrete efforts to build their team after a stellar season. This season hasn't quite been the same but they had the ammunition and the defense to hold Milan at bay. Appalling work rate by the visiting side added to the result favoring the home side. Borriello characteristically misfired in front of goal. His season is still considered to be a success. Much to the extent that United have apparently bid 21 million Euros for the striker. Klass-Hunterlaar isn't compatible with Borriello and questions can now be raised on whether he is big club material. The goal we conceded though should be testamant to the fact that we have the most miserable defense amongst the top clubs in Europe. Text book header from Sculli as he was left unmarked. The man to be faulted here is Borriello. Well, surprise surprise. Neither can he attack, nor can he defend. Lippi however thinks otherwise. How else would you explain the call up to the national side.

Leonardo has had a tough time against the big sides. Or even the reasonably big ones. The goal was scored in the 57th minute and the coach couldn't gather a goal in 33 minutes against Genoa. Not saying they have a poor defense, no. Even if Criscito shackled Pato for most of the game, taking shots at the most out-of-form keeper in Italy should have helped. But we didn't do that either. However, the team bounced back against Juventus. Surprisingly.

Genoa - Sculli 57'
Milan - /


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