Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a sound start

Fillipo Inzaghi

Marseille 1 Milan 2

No one expected us to walk out of this game with 3 points on the table. This club might have lost all of its glory, class and quality. But it refrains from losing its unpredictability. Stade Valedrome is actually a haunted ground, one of the few for any visiting team in Europe. It is a recognized fact that beating Marseille here needs more than just the right skill and quality. We dint have enough skill or quality in the squad, but we did have a certain Pippo Inzaghi.

Not many know this Italian, and its sad for a legend like him to be known for his killer instinct, only amongst a few educated circles. But there is barely anyone who can slot goals from chances that most strikers would scuff. Poachers are hard to come by these days but Inzaghi is the rarest of the species. Milan barely had two chances, Inzaghi took both of them with tremendous expertise. The second one especially was a gem of a goal. It would make any striker on the planet happy. Another player who has been playing very well recently, and that includes this game is Clarence Seedorf. A lot of fans (including me) wanted his head last season for several indifferent performances. But the veteran midfielder still has a lot to say(and this time, its not just literally). Even against Marseille, he chipped in a wonderful performance. He was Milan's liveliest player, and assisted Inzaghi on both the occasions. Our wingbacks, awful as they are, surprisingly put in decent performances. Our centre back partnership is confidently winning us games. The duo of Nesta-Silva, with their no nonsense defending, restricted the likes of Niang, Cheyrou and Lucho to long distance shots. Storari put in some top class saves to keep the scoreline respectable, that always gave us the odd fighting chance.

Our midfielders were forever combative. Even though it was a physical mess this game, we were always up to the task. Marseille decided the way to beat us would be to over power us, and they managed to do that to Pirlo and Pato who had a fairly unproductive night. But our solidarity in defensive duties was a bit too much for the French side to break down. Deschamps would have done his homework, but the approach of his team reflected a very different attitude. They played with the impression that they would walk all over Milan. But sadly for them, it worked in our favor. This underdog tag, no matter how painful it is for us to carry, brings its share of advantages to the table. And considering we have Madrid in a month's time, we will gladly take it. Zurich is up next, but before that, a must-win game against Bologna awaits us. Its at home, and 3 points are desperately needed. This win should lift several deflated hearts in the dressing room. And when we return home, should spur us onto several more gritty victories.

Goal scorers -
Marseille - Hienze 49'
Milan - Inzaghi 28', 75'

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