Sunday, September 20, 2009

seedorf the saviour

Clarence Seedorf

Milan 1 Bologna 0
To be frank, it did look like we were continuing our impressive record of not scoring at home. San Siro was clearly losing its edge. It doesn't seem to be an affectation that is concerning us alone, but Inter also seem to be afflicted with this situation. However, it was a very different Milan side this, that turned up on Sunday. After Marseille, there was a renewed sense of belief that we could push teams and pull out results that could startle people. And might I add, startle people positively.

Milan haven't attacked in this manner for a very long time. On the contrary, we have been at the receiving end of the battering more often than not. But for a change, we were holding the game firmly in our hands and dictating play. Abate, in his new role was very impressive. This however is a dangerous position he finds himself in, because if he isn't careful, he could be easily typecast into a fullback. And I surely wouldn't like it. Abate is most effective in attack, and defensively he is ok as he puts in a lot of effort in games. But we need a well established fullback and this (Abate) can be a temporary option, only. Storari joined the thousands of spectators, as he dint have to do anything much until late on in the game, where he had to be alert to pull out a good save from Mingazzini. Nesta is back! That is what the papers say, several other reports seem to concur. I don't. Its still very early, and the quality of opposition he has faced so far isn't a decisive measure. I am not saying he dint play well. He had a sound game, a very sound game. But, it was after all Bologna. Favalli and Kaladze were high risk low return resources. And thankfully, they turned out just fine. Pirlo and Ambrosini too strutted around contributing in their own little way. Actually, Ambrosini's assist led to Seedorf's goal. The Dutchman is continuing his rise to form, and I am certainly enjoying it. This is atleast keeping Ronnie out of the team, which is definitely a good thing. Gattuso's horrendous miss in front of goal, and his indifferent performance vests in me an emotion I would like to call anger. Gattuso is finished, and he is bringing nothing new to the table. His challenges are more like vendetta moves, he loses the plot often in the game, and he continues to disgrace himself and the jersey he wears by the unproductive football he plays. Flamini's earnest performances should displace the Italian, but Leo wants to rotate the squad to keep the players happy. Fair enough. But not for too long, I hope. Huntelaar has been very disappointing. His impotency continues to be amply demonstrated in every game. Lets give him time? Ok. Lets give him some more time. Pato drifted in and out of the game. He did hit the post, but the fluctuation in his game-play is becoming a sort of trademark. Inzaghi's introduction changed our latency in attack. He was a live-wire this warrior. He hit the post, tested Viviano from short range and continued to prick the Rossoblu defense. He is a star, Inzaghi. And he isn't as useless as Huntelaar. In other words, he is more useful. Inzaghi is the kind of striker who will create something from nothing. Huntelaar needs to be fed, and even then, there is no guarantee.

If I am happy, it is because of the result, and arguably the performance even. But I am disappointed with the scoreline. Juventus disposed Livorno with ease at the weekend. Champion teams do that. Yes, we are a far cry from that at the moment. But atleast we are notching up points on the board. This win would relieve Leo, only for now though. Udinese in midweek, and Fruili isn't a very forgiving place. Yes, the Zebrette aren't the same side from two-three seasons ago. But they still have the bite. And it could be vicious, putting us back into a state of misery. I only hope that doesn't happen. That we stop relying on the Champions League music to spur us on and for Seedorf to bail us out repeatedly. Its time the strikers stepped up to the challenge. It is up for grabs.

Scorers -
Milan - Seedorf 75'
Bologna - /

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