Monday, October 26, 2009


Alessandro Nesta

Chievo Verona 1 AC Milan 2
A lot was being said about continuity. Articles were being written, debates were being conducted on whether this is a revival or a false alarm. But AC Milan were truly confounding their critics, and how. No one really knows if this is a resurrection, its still too early. But the signs are positive, very.

Its becoming something of a tradition, us going down by a goal and then chasing the game from behind. And that is what happened in Verona too. It was a joy to behold Antonini, Flamini and Hunterlaar in the starting 11. This goes to show that Leonardo has now gained some confidence. Milan's attacking play was fine and balanced. Chievo were busy trying to choke the game. The crossing of the fullbacks however, have been a let down, and continued to be in this game too. Pellissier was presented with an opportunity to score and secure atleast one point for his team, but his volley was way off target. Pato was being man marked, and the talented youngster was having a tough time to find space in the game.

When play resumed, the batteries of the veteran side looked recharged and ready for action. Huntelaar had another pointless outing and was rightly replaced for Borrielo. Ronaldinho has displayed enough skill to make the bench henceforth. He wasn't classically anonymous, but was wasteful nonetheless. Borrielo was more potent and dangerous than he has been in recent history. A constant threat in the air, and his physical prowess was getting a bit difficult for the defense of the home side. Borrielo's display just goes to prove how useless Huntelaar essentially is to this team. Crosses were pouring into the box, but what did not strike the players or Leonardo was that the Chievo players outnumbered our forwards, which reduced the probability of latching onto a cross. Finally the equalizer arrived, Borrielo showing how important he in this system by nearly scoring. Nesta gets his name on the score sheet, a rarity. Sorrentino was largely the reason why his team were still in the game, and it wasn't the first time the net minder had saved his team against us. Dida, in injury time pulled out a world class reflex save to keep us in the game. Hardly a minute later, Nesta bags his brace by heading-in from far post on a Pirlo corner. Where was the marking one may ask? I don't care is what I would say. It was a little too obvious, that Milan looked more like a team in Ronaldinho's absence. This is certainly a good run of form, but does this signify continuity? Maybe it does. But I need till Napoli to find out.

Scorers -
Chievo - Pinzi 7'
Milan - Nesta 81', 92'

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